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June 6th
V1.1 for windows has been uploaded and I will be updating the documentation tonight.
I will start developing it for the Xbox 360 as the Xml serialization functions need to be reworked to accomodate the xbox file system. I will however be uploading a alpha version of it that I will update with the pieces that currently will work for the 360.
June 4th
V1.1 for windows is nearly complete just have to add a couple more things and then do some testing to make sure everything works right.
V1.1 for Xbox will probabaly come out a little after v1.1 does for x86 as the code between the two can no longer be identical.
June 1st
I have checked and fixed the code for the Xbox 360 input and the compatibility it has with the xbox 360.
_GamePad class fixed to remove Index out of bounds error when checking for input.
Left and Right stick direction methods checked and are working 100%
May 31st
I have uploaded some new files to the V1 release.
The x86 runtime libraries are unchanged.
The Xbox 360 runtime libraries have been added.
The source code has been updated and now includes both Xbox 360 and x86 projects. Currently they are in the same solution but as this grows I will probably end up splitting them due to the development differences. Comments have been added to be more helpful in some parts of the code as well.

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